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Press Releases

Bipartisan Open Primaries Legislation Introduced | May 18, 2021 - Senator Dan Laughlin (R-Erie) introduced legislation, SB690, that would significantly expand the franchise in Pennsylvania by allowing independent voters to participate in primary elections.

Sen. Dan Laughlin to Introduce Legislation to Enfranchise 900,000 Independent Voters on Election Day | May 17, 2021 - On Election Day, Senator Dan Laughlin will introduce legislation to allow independent voters unaffiliated with any political party -- now numbering 900,000 -- to participate in either the Democratic or Republican primary.

Open Primaries PA hosting Virtual Advocacy Day to Secure Voting Rights for All Pennsylvanians | May 22, 2020Open Primaries PA will host a Virtual Advocacy Day on May 26 to highlight the closed presidential primary on June 2 that shuts out more than one million independent and third-party voters from casting ballots for candidates. 

Open Primaries PA Launches Statewide Digital Campaign | April 28, 2020Open Primaries PA is launching today an outreach campaign to the more than 1.2 million Pennsylvanians who are registered unaffiliated or with a third-party who cannot vote for candidates in the June 2 primary.

PA Primary Moved to June 2, but 1.2 Million Voters Still Shut Out | March 27, 2020As we continue to address the COVID-19 crisis, and ask how we can make voting this election season accessible, safe, and accurate, we must also begin to ask, "What about those of us who can't vote at all?" It is incumbent upon us all to address that critical question in the months to come.

All Voters Vote in HD 190 Special Election | February 25, 2020 - Open Primaries PA is calling attention to the stark contrast in voter access between today’s special election in West Philadelphia’s state House District 190 and the upcoming presidential primary on April 28.

Open Primaries Legislation Approved by the Pennsylvania Senate | June 25, 2019 - The Senate approved with overwhelming bipartisan support (42-8) a landmark bill that would allow 785,000 independent Pennsylvanians to vote in primary elections.

Open Primaries Legislation Advances in the Senate | June 18, 2019Legislation that would allow 785,000 independent Pennsylvanians to vote in spring primary elections took another step forward today.

Primary Reform Picks Up Traction Ahead of May 21 Primary | May 20, 2019Calls for reforming Pennsylvania's primary system have continued to grow over the past year.

Open Primaries PA to Press for Independents’ Right to Vote | April 29, 2019 - A new statewide coalition, Open Primaries PA, launched with the mission of opening Pennsylvania’s primary process to include independent voters across the Commonwealth.

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